Square Scrub Floor Scrubbers

If you haven’t experienced the power and versatility of the Square Scrub brand of machines then you owe it to yourself to invest in one today! These machines are one of the best floor cleaning and prep-machines on the market. You can use them on VCT, Concrete, Tile and Grout floors and even hardwood! Designed to move effortlessly and help get the toughest jobs done with ease.

The Square Scrub Floor machines come in either 14×20 or 14×28. These machines are equipped with easy to add and remove weights to give you added pressure when needed. Many different pads are available depending on what surface and stage of prep you are in. From stripping to scrubbing to polishing all in the same machine!

Call us today for more info and a test drive! Trust us, you will know what you’ve been missing!

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